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Got no work today so I overslept

Time to break out the juice and have a Community marathon.


I’ve liked you for a thousand years, a thousand years.
(I can’t wait until I see you.)
I’ve liked you for a thousand years, a thousand years
(I can’t wait until I see you.)
I’ve liked you for a thousand years, a thousand years

here’s what I got so far. nothing as usual.

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But you have your music, something I’m sure you are more than talented enough at to get you selling shows out across the world, if you were determined enough. I was just thinking about how much you reminded me of Twiggy, actually. I wish I had the guts to cut my hair, it looks amazing. Perhaps I’ll have to draw you sometime!

Yeah, I’m driven and determined enough to fly away from my cage at Bluebird. I mean, I’ve been dying to get out there! But all in right time, I guess. I still need to make a living after all. 

W-what? Draw me? No no, you’ll just be wasting your time. Thanks anyway. That would be really nice of you.

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It’s the only talent I do have. In fact, I’m not entirely sure it’s a talent, instead just something I learnt to be good at. I haven’t always been good at it, believe me. Twiggy is the ultimate godess. Perhaps I’ll draw her some time. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with drawing stick men! They’re cute.

It’s cute, but it wouldn’t really get you into art galleries. I never really did anything to improve whatever skill I have for it. When I realized I didn’t have it, I didn’t bother. It’s not really niche either, so there.

Twiggy’s an inspiration for me! It took me awhile to push myself into it, but I got a pixie hair cut just like hers. I don’t know if it’s working though, but it’s easier to maintain. Oh, and if you ever draw her, you got to let me see!

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Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone

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It’s not for everyone, I think a lot of people are pushed into it when it’s really not what they want to do. The way I see it, there’s just no point doing something you don’t truly want to. You only get one life. It didn’t sound cheesy at all, just very, very sweet.

I do indeed! I like to think I’m alright.. Drawing and painting are my passions, but occasionally I’ll sculpt for an assignment.

Oh my god, that’s amazing! You’re lucky to have that kind of talent. I pretty much can do anything except drawing, painting or sculpting. I did this painting of Twiggy once then that was that. As for drawing, I had mastered the fine art of stick drawings in faceless blobs. It took years to master such fine degree of workmanship. 

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Well, I graduate next year, so not too long left for me. 3 long, tough years  of uni is so exhausting. I study art, but I took a gap year and went travelling for a little while…I wish i’d took a double gap year. Well, uni isn’t always so bad, but I suppose i’m studying my passion. I could never take something seriously academic, I think my brain would explode.

The Uni life wasn’t really for me. I thought about it for a while but I just can’t picture it. It took me awhile to realize but I knew I was heading else where, like, I’m made for something else. Does that sound cheesy? God, I need to shut it every once in a while. 

Wow, you take art? That’s brilliant! I mean, really, that’s… that’s amazing. Are you any good? I- I didn’t mean it in a harsh way but in a umm.. what’s your…. what’s the word… umm… medium is it? Do you paint, draw, sculpt or are you the complete package? If you are, that is stellar, just stellar.

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i can’t sleep, trying to write a song


Yeah, I see, well…Good luck with it anyway. I’d love to hear one of yours. 

Babbling is great, I always do it, don’t worry. I don’t believe we have, but I know who you are…My parents own the Eighty Six bar, so you may have seen me there…Or maybe you’ve seen me at Bluebird. 

You know who I am? Wow, that’s new, a bit creepy too— no offence. Oh yeah, now I remember, you’re the guy who played at the open mic night once at the 86! I never knew your parents owned the joint. You were great by the way.